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Litlte history of Cuba

premiers indiens de CubaThe first inhabitants, the Taïnos and Ciboneys, came from South America approximately 3500 before JC. The island has no history registered in our tablets, no news good news, until 1492 when the famous and illustrious Christopher Columbus unfortunately made a mistake about Indians, as everybody knows, pulling the autochthons outside the paradise.

heros-histoire-cubaine 1200Twenty years later Spanish invade the island and import their African slaves to cultivate coffee, tobacco and sugar cane. Africans worked together with the autochthons also hired for the good of Diego Velasquez's crown during more than three centuries without stumbling until 1868 when the revolt bursts finally.

che guevara et fidel castro reference 1200

Slavery is abolished 19 years later and Cuba reaches the independence, at the end of a Spanish-American War in 1902, by means of the young republic of the United States which will take advantage of it to control the economic and political life of the island up to the destitution of Batista in 1959 caused by 6 years of guerrilla warfare led by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro who takes the power in 1960, begins the agrarian reform and nationalizes the American companies, provocating the beginning of the blockade which still continues as I write this short history, 50 years later.

Cuba gets closer then to the USSR up to its end and Raúl Castro, succeeds his brother Fidel in 2006. Begin then a process of liberalization of the island with the appearance of the sole proprietorship and the immovable property in 2012


 les ancètres de Cuba aujourd'hui

A history of Cuba without evoking the Salsa would be for me incomplete because if money and guns dominate the world music influences and appease it. The "sauce" was born in the 20s, some mixture of African rhythms and western harmonies. It became an international music so important as the rock or the jazz.

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