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Living in Cuba

Living in Cuba

Cuba is the biggest island of the Caribbean of more than 11000 inhabitants, under a tropical climate where the average temperature is 25 ° over the year. Its main productions are tobacco, sugar cane, rum and music.

It is a socialist state which seems to open, on the tracks of China. Since a few years Cubans have the right to get out of the country one month a year, create personal enterprises and buy/ sell real property. These last evolutions accentuated a worrying gap between the part of the population in touch with tourists and the others. A renter of bed and breakfast, for example wins in one day twice the monthly salary of a chiropodist. The great majority of the population is poor but benefits free educational and a health systems, and food and leisure activities are cheap.

For more information on the geography of Cuba I recommend you inescapable Cuba-wiki

The main characteristic of Cuban people is its ethnic and cultural interbreeding, 65 % of whites, 10 % of blacks and 25 % of half-blood, proof is his music born in the border of the African rhythms and European counterpoints, respected all over the world although devoid of great star as Bob Marley. These peculiarities make welcoming, open and cultivated people.

The currency

It is necessary to know that there are two speeds and two currencies in Cuba. Pesos national exclusively reserved for food purchase, and CUC, the international currency, for all the rest. If you make your shopping and cooking at home you can live with less than one CUC a day, we find pizzas for 10 pesos, but as soon as you put one foot in a restaurant you pass in the international rate, 6 to 8 CUC the basic meal.


1$ = 1 CUC

1CUC = 25 pesos

Prices found on Februray 2013 at Vinales:

The banana at market or at a street seller plays a little the role of the gold standard: 1 banana = 1 peso. It is rather practical as system. I for example need 7 bananas for step to bite my neighbor up to the next mealtime. 7 bananas, 7 pesos. I do not grow tired of this accounting transparency.

A restaurant: 6 to 8 CUC

Rent a bike: 10 CUC a day

Rent a scooter:20  CUC a day

Rent a car: 60 CUC a day

Guest house: 15 / 30 CUC a day

A night in hotel: 90CUC

An evening in the most beautiful box of the village: 1CUC the entrance + 2.50CUC the beer, 3 in 4CUC for a cocktail


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