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Cabaña Cecilia

Location Maison en bois typique cuba

Cecilia rents 2 rooms with air-conditioning, private bathroom, terrases with direct sight on mogottes and the whole kit and caboodle but one of the rooms is an authentic wooden hut with thatched roof in the pure architectural tradition of island.
It is necessary to understand, if you never came to Cuba where it is a tropical country where the problem is not the cold but the heat and the alloy wooden / thatch offers the perfect architecture in this climate. It was abandoned not because of its discomfort, quite the opposite, but because of the cyclones which have more difficulties to tear away pure American-style concrete roofs. But these roofs concrete that all the Cubans want today impose obviously the air-conditioning to be viable because otherwise it is fast stew. It is obviously an ecological aberration but try to tell to somebody who saw the house of his father shaved by a cyclone thirty years ago...

Cecilia also organizes excursions in these so particularly shaped mountains that we see since terraces, the "mogottes", which contributed largely to the classification of the valley in the heritage of the UNESCO.


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